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Increasing Profits and Customer Satisfaction for
Service Departments & Mechanical Contractors
We understand both sides.
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We understand the needs of the technicians in the field and of management in the office. Our earliest solutions were typed out by fingers with grease under the nails (our nails). We successfully increase profits, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction because our solutions meet the needs of all involved.
  Our accomplishments include:
  • 1200% increase in service revenue with only a 500% increase in service staff.
  • Reduced callbacks by 50%. Annual savings of $200,000.
  • Developed standardized Annual Tune Up (ATU) procedures. $90,000 added to bottom line between savings and profit.
  • Developed service workload forecasting method. Annual savings of $100,000 in reduced travel & unproductive time.

Our rare combination of technical and management experience has earned us the reputation of the working man’s consultant. We have earned installer licenses and an MBA. (see about us) Troubleshooting a heating system and a P & L statement are not mutually exclusive skills around here.

Are you ready to be profitable? Call us. This is our domain and we know how to execute.

  Our Service Department “Tune-up” Package can include any of the following:
  • Call-back reduction
  • Pricing analysis – How much should you charge and how to get it?
  • Work load forecasting – the key to productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Service contract profitability analysis
  • Account profitability analysis
  • Menu driven estimating – accurate estimates and quick turn around.
  • Performance metrics to ensure future success
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Technology investment analysis & implementation
  • Standard operating procedures for field and office

Contact us to see how we can increase your profits. Our rates are affordable.

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