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Whether you want dramatic or moderate growth for your business, you don’t want to sacrifice business performance or financial security. You must make a plan. We can help you establish a business plan and strategy that supports your values and your competitive advantages. Deciding what kind of work not to do is just as important as deciding what kind of work to do.

Good business planning starts with an introspective process similar to what is described below:

  • What is your mission? What can your company do better than most others? What are your advantages? What are your passions? What are your principles?
  • Continuously promote your mission to your staff. This is not lip service. You must be consistent and disciplined in the support of your mission.
  • Confront the brutal facts. What is your current reality? What tough choices must be made to support your mission? What goals must be set?
  • Take measurements. Progress must be measured through quantified goals and clear milestones.

Business Planning can be approached through a coaching arrangement or on a project basis.

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