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Did you know that a heating mechanic will typically generate about $33,000 of call-back costs every year? This includes wasted labor, wasted parts, wasted management time (yours) and lost customers.

There is a greater need than ever before to serve your customers well. Even loyal customers now shop around. Your ability to shelter your customers from volatile energy and service costs may be limited, but it is entirely within your control to exceed their expectations with outstanding service.

Here are two facts to consider:

  1. Customers will pay up to 30 percent more for an average product if they receive outstanding service from the organization.
  2. Your customers remember your name to others under two conditions:
    • When you provide extremely poor service
    • When you provide service that exceeds their expectations

Under which condition do want to be remembered?

Some features of our program are as follows:

  • Our call-back program is implemented in concert with your staff. This encourages their cooperation with any changes in procedure.
  • Our call-back program establishes a measurement system. This allows you to identify specific areas of problem or progress.
  • Our call-back program brings call-backs to the attention of your managers on the very first call-back, which means, there will be fewer 2nd call-backs
  • Our call-back program fees are structured to provide a return on your investment. It pays for itself. You are expected to save money not spend it.

Our callback program is successful because it is implemented and supported by staff. Measurements ensure you are continuously improving. Lastly, fewer 2nd callbacks result in greater customer retention.

The following is an example of our results.

Contact us to see how we can increase your profits. Our rates are affordable.

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